• In 2021, VCO and iRacing will be cooperating on four Special Events as part of the VCO Grand Slam.
  • 12h Sebring, 24h Nürburgring, Petit Le Mans and 10h Suzuka will be powered by the VCO.
  • “Radio Le Mans” will be back on the virtual endurance circuit with VCO.
  • VCO introduces a new photo archive: the VCO Content Database.

Munich – In the 2021 Esports racing season, the Virtual Competition Organisation (VCO) will continue to work closely with the leading motorsport simulation iRacing to host four of the platform’s most important races of the year as part of the VCO Grand Slam. This season also marks the debut of the new VCO Content Database, which the VCO  will use to provide access to a comprehensive store of image material.

It all kicks off on 28th March with the 12-hour race in Sebring on iRacing, which will be “powered by VCO” in 2021. As was the case last year, VCO will also present the iRacing 24h Nürburgring on 24th/25th April. The same applies to the iRacing Petit Le Mans powered by VCO on 3rd October and the 10-hour race in Suzuka on 7th November.

In addition to comprehensive coverage on its social media channels, VCO will provide top-quality image material from the “top split” of the highest-ranked drivers to all media representatives, teams and drivers. A new photo database will also be in action: the VCO Content Database.

VCO Grand Slam events will also boast a special feature when it comes to live broadcasting: The team from Radio Show Limited, featuring legendary commentator John Hindhaugh, will accompany the races and support the professional media team from RaceSpot TV that will, as usual, be responsible for the live broadcasts.

“It‘s fantastic that iRacing is giving us the chance to stage the VCO Grand Slam of Special Events again,” said Florian Haasper, CEO of VCO. “These races to me are among the absolute highlights of the Esports racing year. This year‘s Grand Slam will again comprise four events, kicking off with the iRacing 12h Sebring powered by VCO. Afterwards our partnership with iRacing will lead us from the Nürburgring, via Road Atlanta to Suzuka. VCO will again provide extensive top-split coverage, including our new VCO Content Database service for drivers, teams and media. I am also really looking forward to working with John Hindhaugh and his team once again. Thank you to everyone at iRacing for making these amazing events happen and for letting us be a part of their Special Event season.”

“We are excited to welcome VCO back as the sponsor for the VCO Grand Slam special events on iRacing,” said Kevin Bobbitt, Director of Marketing at “Having a sponsor so engaged with the sim racing community really adds to the event and helps elevate the prestige. The Sebring 12-hour, Nürburgring 24 and Petit Le Mans have been among the most popular events on iRacing for many years. This year marks the first time we have run a 10-hour race at Suzuka as a special event and I suspect this will be equally as popular, especially with the additional promotion VCO will bring to the events.”

VCO introduces new photo database
Whether VCO is organising its own competitions or cooperating with international partners, top-quality content production plays a pivotal role for the events. VCO will be using its own photo database for the races in the VCO Grand Slam. Up-to-date photos from the virtual race series and events related to the VCO are available in printable quality at with immediate effect. It is possible to search the database for people, teams, cars, racetracks or sim platforms. The team of VCO Content Creators includes experienced motorsport photographers and picture editors, who will make the image material available in the database during the races.

Haasper added: “The VCO Content Database represents another milestone for us as we continue to professionalise coverage of the top events in Esports racing and strive to provide all participants with even better service. The drivers, teams, series organisers and sim platforms have earned the increased reporting focus on Esports racing. Our database can be used by them, their partners and sponsors, and media representatives. It provides direct, service-oriented access to all content produced by VCO for each individual race on iRacing and many other platforms.”

Calendar VCO Grand Slam on iRacing:

28th March 2021: iRacing 12h Sebring powered by VCO
24th/25th April 2021: iRacing 24h Nürburgring powered by VCO
3rd October 2021: iRacing Petit Le Mans powered by VCO
7th November 2021: iRacing 10h Suzuka powered by VCO

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