2023 VCO SIMMY AWARDS: Honoring the best in sim racing

  • Join the celebration: Nominate your sim racing stars
  • Your voice counts: Participate in the voting process
  • Anticipate the unveiling of winners in December

The Virtual Competition Organisation (VCO) is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated 2023 VCO SIMMY AWARDS, celebrating the pinnacle of achievement in the world of sim racing. These awards recognize the extraordinary talent and dedication within the community, spanning various categories from ‘Best Driver’ to ‘Best Streamer’.

Nomination phase: Community and jury engagement

Starting from 20th November until 1st December 2023, the sim racing community is invited to submit their nominations for their favorites across ten distinct categories. Concurrently, a selected jury will also recommend nominees based on their expertise and insight into the Esports racing world. This year’s jury comprises 20 distinguished members.

The combination of community and jury nominations will create a comprehensive list of the top ten nominees for each category. This inclusive approach ensures a diverse and representative selection, moving beyond a simple popularity contest.

Voting phase: Deciding the winners

From 5th to 15th December 2023, the final voting phase takes place. Here, the community’s votes will contribute 50 percent towards the final decision, with the remaining 50 percent determined by the jury’s votes. This dual approach guarantees a balanced and fair selection of winners.

Celebrating the winners

The anticipation will culminate in a series of videos released between 26th and 30th December, where the winners of the VCO SIMMY AWARDS 2023 will be announced. These videos will be available on VCO’s social media channels, allowing fans worldwide to join in the celebration.

Categories for nomination and voting:

– Best Oval Racer

– Best Team

– Best Car

– Best Event

– Best Social Media

– Best Livery

– Best Commentary

– Best Photography

– Best Streamer

In addition, the fourth member of the VCO Hall of Fame will be announced.

The 2023 VCO SIMMY AWARDS is set to be a showcase of talent, passion, and excellence in the Esports racing world. We extend our gratitude to the community and jury members for their participation and look forward to an exciting and competitive awards season.