ERWC II: Twelve of the best Esports racing teams in the world battle it out for $ 50,000 in prize money

  • The stage is set for the second Esports Racing World Cup (ERWC).
  • 50,000 US dollars in prize money up for grabs over three days of racing on different simulation platforms.
  • Twelve teams have qualified for the multi-platform highlight of the year via the Esports Racing League (ERL).

Munich – This weekend, Virtual Competition Organisation (VCO) will host the Esports Racing World Cup (ERWC) for the second time since 2022. Twelve of the top Esports racing teams in the world have qualified for the grand finale via the Esports Racing League (ERL). A total prize purse of 50,000 US dollars is up for grabs in ERWC II. A Livestream allows spectators to follow the races, which are held on three different simulation platforms (Assetto Corsa Competizione, rFactor 2 and iRacing), on the three evenings of racing – from Friday to Sunday. The first Esports Racing World Cup (ERWC I) was won by Team Redline.

The winner of each day, on the respective platform, will be rewarded with 2,500 US dollars of prize money. The overall winner after all three races receives a further 10,000 dollars. This means the teams that demonstrate the greatest versatility on the three different simulation platforms will be particularly well rewarded. Each roster consists of five drivers, with three of them competing per race day. The teams only discover which circuit they will be driving at shortly before the start, when the track vote ends on the VCO’s social media channels and the fans have reached a decision. The cars to be used are the Maserati MC GT4 (Friday), the Infinity Q50 (Saturday) and the Lotus 79 (Sunday).

Links to livestreams

(from 19:00 CET in each case)

Friday: Day 1 on YouTube

Saturday: Day 2 on YouTube

Sunday: Day 3 on YouTube

All three days: VCO Twitch

About VCO

Virtual Competition Organisation (VCO) brings together different stakeholders in Esports, from simulation or gaming platforms and interested partners to active teams, drivers and the community. In a rapidly growing sector, VCO stands for professionalism, focus and a broad media presence. With its international network, VCO provides solutions for the best possible conception and implementation of Esports projects of all kinds. The best teams in the world compete in such high-class competitions as the Esports Racing League (ERL), VCO INFINITY and the FLExTREME championship, which VCO implements on a wide range of gaming and simulation platforms.

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