VCO ProSIM SERIES – VCO /// Virtual Competition Organisation


The Drivers’ Championship

The objective is clear for the first Virtual Competition Organisation race series; the aim is to bring professional drivers from the real world and the world’s best Esports racers closer together. The VCO ProSIM SERIES is set to thrill motorsport fans and Esports enthusiasts. Thanks to innovative approaches and a unique format to date, the race series guarantees to deliver what fans want from real and virtual motorsport: spectacular racing and thrilling action thanks to equal opportunities for all participants.

The Drivers

44 teams, each with two drivers, will be battling to claim prize money of 50,000 US dollars in the VCO ProSIM SERIES. Each duo will consist of one driver from real motorsport and one star from the virtual world. The VCO ProSIM DRAFT will determine the composition of the teams. The Pro with the highest ‘iRating’, the performance and experience-based points ranking on the iRacing sim platform, will first select a team-mate for the season from the pool of Esports drivers. Then, the highest-ranked Esports racer will have the next pick. This alternating system then continues until all teams are formed.

The Circuits

It is unthinkable in the real world, but VCO makes it possible in virtual racing that the drivers will only find out what circuit they are racing on in the eight Championship races two hours before the lights go green. This minimises the training effort required for the participants, while adding to the excitement for viewers and providing a unique way to include the community in the process. On Twitter, fans can also vote for the circuit where they want to see the teams involved in thrilling battles.

The Cars

The cars that will be appearing also guarantee equal opportunities and excitement; the Pro drivers and Esports racers will share driving duties at the wheel of identical Dallara Formula 3 racing cars. The regulations also forbid any changes to the specified set-up of the 220 HP formula cars. Variants will be available with high, medium and low downforce. The 44 ProSIM pairings registered for the entire season are all entitled to score points and claim prize money. All events will also feature wildcard teams, appearing outside the championship.

The Fun Race

The Fun Race will provide yet more entertainment and will take place before the championship race for all eight events. The 44 Pro drivers will compete against one another at each event. The drivers will not find out the circuit or the car in advance. The focus is entirely on fun.

The Format (all times CET)

18:00  End of circuit voting for Championship Race
18:15  Start of free practice for Championship Race
19:30  End of free practice for Championship Race
20:00  Start of live broadcast
20:10  Qualifying for Fun Race
20:20  Fun Race (20 minutes + 1 lap)
20:40  End of Fun Race
20:50  Qualifying for Championship Race
21:00  Championship Race (40 minutes + 1 lap)
21:40  End of Championship Race
22:00  End of live broadcast

The Results

You can find all the results and championship standings in the VCO RESULTS AND FILES CENTER.

The Calendar

6th  November 2020 / VCO ProSIM SERIES DRAFT
18th  November 2020 / Round 1
25th  November 2020 / Round 2
16th  December 2020 / Round 3
2nd  January 2021 / Round 4
20th  January 2021 / Round 5
10th  February 2021 / Round 6
03rd  March 2021 / Round 7
31st  March 2021 / Round 8